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SHOPPING VOCABULARY 3: Names of different types of businesses

You have a list of items to buy. Choose the correct answer for each of the items from the following list: floreria, joyeria, peluquería, gasolinera, juguetería, zapatería, ferretería, pasteleria, farmacia, papelería.

1. Where can you buy flower for your mom? En la .

2. Where can you buy a toy for your nephew? En la .

3. Where can you buy a necklace for your girlfriend? En la .

4. Where can you buy a hammer? En la .

5. Where can you get your hair done? En la .

6. Where can you buy medicine for your grandmother? En la .
7. Where can you buy a new pair of sneakers? En la .
8. Where can you order a birthday cake? En la .

9. Where can you fill up your car with gas? En la . 9. Where can you buy some post-its and paper for your printer? En la .

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